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UNILAK Lecturers are trained on designing blended learning course

UNILAK Lecturers are trained on designing blended learning course

From 9th to 10th September, 2020, the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali has organized a workshop for its lecturers on how to develop e-learning method & blended modules as a way of teaching when Classes will resume.

It is by the time government is recommending to put in place method of teaching which shall reduce the face to face contact between students and lecturers.

“This e-learning method is not new in UNILAK as far as students have been learning using online platform. But it is expected to bring improvement and to help students master their lessons more than it was in traditional classes as well as helping them being more active” said Dr. Rutamu Augustine; the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and Research.
Lecturers have appreciated the initiative of their university to strengthen their skills in using the e leaning platform.

The training was in the spirit of implementing UNILAK policies as it has committed to adopt blended learning and improve their participation in their studies.

“We learned a lot. We appreciate our university for this occasion. It was an opportunity for us to renew our skills in uploading materials, creating groups, controlling students’ participation and other things related to the platform;” said Mr. Edouard Niyonzima, a lecturer at the university.

The management told that after the workshop, the next assignment is to put into practice what has been learnt and update the e- learning platform of the institution

The government of Rwanda has suspended actions that bring people together especially schools since mid March 2020 in an attempt to avoid the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

The workshop brought together all UNILAK lecturers from the four faculties of Economic Sciences and Management, Law, Environmental Studies and Computing and Information Sciences of Kigali, Nyanza and Rwamagana Campuses.

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