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Student Clubs


UNILAK has 8 active operating student clubs that report all their activities to UNILAKSU which also reports to Students Affairs Department. This department not only motivates students to forming clubs, but works hand in hand with students, solves their Social and Economic problems by seeking and providing intern jobs for financially incapacitated students, where UNILAK Administration provides “Work Study” activities to facilitate them pay their tuition dues by 50%.

Student clubs

Student clubs make students help one another, boosts their minds and lead to team work spirit for future benefits. All the clubs report to the Students’ Union body (UNILAKSU) which is composed of student leaders from the Guild president, guild council to all class representatives. The following are functional registered clubs at UNILAK:


    This club is as old as UNILAK, and its members are Genocide survivors. It has a total member of 600 students. It is very active each year in involving in activities of helping handicapped genocide survivors through building houses, donating cows and other domestic animals, organizing genocide-memorial ceremonies at UNILAK and in Districts and rebuilding the nation through Unity and Reconciliation activities. Partners include CNLG, GAERG, IBUKA, AVEGA and AGAHOZO.


    Good Governance Club was started in 2011 by students and it has other small clubs attached to it dealing with transparency, Anti-corruption, Leadership, etc. The Club performs training on leadership, decentralization and National Youth education programs. Each year, GGC works hand in hand with with MINALOC, OMBUDSMAN, National Police, RLAG, in organizing seminars at our campuses to train students and make them trainers on Good Governance in secondary schools in Gasabo and Kicukiro Districts.

  3. SCUR -CLUB Students Committee for Unity and Reconciliation

    The club concerns Unity and reconciliation and it started in 2012. It organizes seminars and works with NUR Commission as her major partner. NDI UMUNYARWANDA is under this club and each year, it organizes seminars at UNILAK campuses and trains secondary school students.

  4. GLF – Girls Leadership Forum

    The Girls’ Leadership club was started in 2014 with “Itorero Intaganburuzwamumihigo” of UNILAK. The Club works hand in hand with Rwandan Ministry of Gender and Women Affairs, UNITY Club, senior Government women leaders and the National Police Directorate of Community Policing and GBV- Gender based violence. GLF helps in training women through “UMUGOROBA W’ABAKOBWA/ W’ABABYEYI” to give values, clean traditions and a pure culture to Itorero ladies. It also governs ICYUMBA CY’ABAKOBWA which is Women’s room where University student ladies receive sensitization and assistance on sexual abstinence, human trafficking education, child and early marriage problems, Anti-drugs campaign, pre-marriage education and Home development education.


    Started in 2013, UNILAK Aspire Debating Club is a students club that links UNILAK with the other bodies in Inter University Debate Competitions. In 2016, UNILAK immerged the 3rd in Inter Easter African University Debate Championship with bronze metals. The club not only boosts English speaking but links students in Commonwealth and East Africa countries and promotes research and Library work.

  6. Future Environment

    Though it is just 3 years old, but it has organized international seminars on Climate change, International Cartography, etc. it has worked with Environmental Faculty to set up  a role model of a “Waste Management Cleaning Swamp” at UNILAK.

  7. Rwandan Traditional Dance Troupe

    This club provides willing students with trainings on Rwandan traditional creative choreography and drumming. Beside dancing and drumming they also train in singing, writing and reciting Poems (AMAHAMBA for praising cows, IBYIVUGO for traditional Performances of appraisals all of which are performed at State functions and nights concerts/ IBITARAMO.The club was the best in East Africa traditional dance competion that was last held in 2010 in Kampala Uganda’s Capital.

  8. Itorero Intagamburuzwamumihigo

    “INTAGAMBURUZWAMUMIHIGO” is a civic education club which reflects the patriotic tradition school of teaching Values and customs for national development. Itorero is as old as the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda but it was banned by colonialists during KING YUHI MUSINGA’s regime. Our government re-instated Itorero to educate Rwandans of the lost values and to help rwandans regain national pride and development based on home grown solutions.

Itorero at UNILAK was officially launched by MINALOC, MINEDUC and NIC in August 2015. The name is Intagamburuzwamumihigo signifying Performance achievers. We have trained trainers in INKERABIGWI/ Senior leaders Itorero that took place at Gabiro in March 2014, and student leaders attended the National training. All UNILAK students receive training locally and perform URUGERERO (implementing what has been learnt in Itorero).