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Community Outreach

Legal aid set UNILAK apart in National Service.

Law students from UNILAK are providing legal aid services in Kamonyi district, in line with the national service, urugerero, started in the university early last month.
The assistance of the third year students, who are dispatched in different sectors of this district, covers several areas of law, according to their coordinating team.
“So far they have received 127 cases including family law cases, domestic violence and land law cases, as well as criminal cases” said Blaise Pascal Niyibizi, a paralegal and supervisor of those students based in Kamonyi.
The official explained that 94 out of all cases received from Kamonyi district residents have been resolved out of court.
Balancing the national service, personal life and school, students meet people every Wednesday starting by 2 PM.
It is planned that this Legal aid services will run for a period of one year and UNILAK students will move across different districts as will be decided by their leadership.
Legal aid is one of the commitments included in the performance contract signed between UNILAK students and the National Commission of Itorero while launching Urugerero in the university.

UNILAK Hotspot Wireless Connection

UNILAK provides the neighboring community to all its campuses of Kigali, Nyanza and Rwamagana a free wireless connection to facilitate the community development and the integration of both the institution and the surroundings.

The connection is not secured thus provided to the neighboring community 24/7 with no security code.

UNILAK Outreach Activities through Student Clubs

UNILAK has also chosen to involve the students in its outreach programs so as to enhance the cooperation of not only the institution at an administrative level but to also have the learners incorporated ant integrated in the community in which they’ll be providing service immediately after their graduation. It is in this good spirit that UNILAK has through students’ club undertaken activities as highlighted below.

  1. AERG CLUB: the genocide survivors club is very active each year in activities of helping handicapped genocide survivors through building houses, donating cows and other domestic animals, organizing genocide-memorial ceremonies in other Districts other than the UNILAK campuses and rebuilding the nation though Unity and Reconciliation activities.
  2. Good Governance Club (GCC): The Club performs training on leadership, decentralization and National Youth education programs. Each year, GGC works hand in hand with MINALOC, OMBUSMAN, National Police, RLAG, in organizing seminars at our campuses to train students and make them trainers of Trainees (TOT) on Good Governance in secondary schools in Gasabo and Kicukiro Districts.
  3. Girl Leadership Forum (GLF): The Girls’ Leadership club was started with “Itorero Intaganburuzwamumihigo” of UNILAK. The Club works hand in hand with Rwandan Ministry of Gender and Women Affairs, UNITY Club, senior Government women leaders and the National Police Directorate of Community Policing and GBV- Gender bases violence. GLF helps in training women through “UMUGOROBA WABAKOBWA/ WABABYEYI” to give values, clean traditions and a pure culture to Itorero ladies. It also governs ICYUMBA CY’ABAKOBWA which is Women’s room where University student ladies and willing women of the neighboring community receive sensitization and assistance on sexual abstinence, human trafficking education, child and early marriage problems, Anti-drugs campaign, pre-marriage education and Home development education.

National Workshop on Management of Co-operatives

UNILAK initiated the first NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON MANAGEMENT OF CO-OPERATIVES; the workshop was organized by the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) jointly with Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA). It is an annual forum through which UNILAK invites local cooperatives leaders to be enlightened on the trend of changes in the world of cooperatives beyond Rwandan boundaries. The Cooperatives management workshop is an outreach program in the sense that it includes cooperatives leadership that are given the pearl of knowledge on the global face of cooperatives that they may have not easily accessed.