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UNILAKSU commits to help Ganza regardless of its leadership change

UNILAKSU commits to help Ganza regardless of its leadership change

On this Sunday of February 10TH ,2019 Students who represent others in a students’ Union known as UNILAKSU has visited Ganza, an orphan whose mother was Mukashyaka Laetitia; a student in UNILAK.

“Ganzawas 4months old when her mother passed away and from that time we felt so closed to him (Ganza). We committed to do our best to take care of him in each and everything he will need in his maturity and development.  Our colleagues and the school administration really support our initiative” said Mrs. Kabagire Ester; the UNILAKSU Guild President.

Ganza lives in Ruhango District where he is being raised by his grandmother Nyirangema Francoise.

Since the death of Ganza’s mother, UNILAKSU has visited and assisted the family twice.

In August of 2018, the UNILAKSU outgoing committee had managed to give a cow to the family in order to help him find milk to replace the breastfeeding for the orphan, this time the current committee comes with some basic needs for the kid including clothes, toys…

The family is very grateful to UNILAK and its students and urges other students to imitate their good initiative.

“This is a charity action that I have not thought about. I wish these students to be a good role model to others of their generation. I wish them to be important to their community through their performance at school and through rendering assistance to the vulnerable people. I am also thankful to UNILAK administration who taught them good manners,” said Mrs. Nyirangema Francoise; the grandmother of Ganza.

 The Guild President of UNILAK has ensured the family that UNILAKSU will never cease to support Ganza regardless of its leadership change.

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3 thoughts on “UNILAKSU commits to help Ganza regardless of its leadership change

  1. We are appreciating good action and full support to little child we will countinue to do what we can in order to make good life for this little child

  2. Ikigikorwa mwakoze nindashyikirwa rwose knd turashimira nubuyobozi bwa kaminuza bwababaye hafi muriki gikorwa cy’urukundo, mukomereze aho knd na mama Ganza aho ari ubungubu aranezerewe kubwo imirimo yanyu myiza

  3. Dear sir,
    Hello, i need more information about registration and studying in your campus (UNILAK) in one of faculty bellow :
    1. Cooperative management Accounting
    2. Information system and management
    I have Diploma in Accountancy
    thanks God bless u all.

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