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UNILAK students are urged to have a vision and stay focused.

UNILAK students are urged to have a vision and stay focused.

Since a good number of youth who graduated from higher learning institutions are unemployed and some of them are engaged in risk behaviors such as illegal abortion, drug abuse, robbery and theft, violence, inadequate physical activities and others which in turn hampers their development.

The government of Rwanda has established strategies to assist youth to engage them in economic transformation of the country and bridge the gap related to school to work transition.

Among initiatives, saving culture is promoted, internship for young graduates is encouraged, refresher training in technical skills offered to university graduates helps them to gain competitive skills on labor market, and the entrepreneurship is offered to promote self employment among youth.

It is in that line that today April 4, 2018, the Honorable Minister of Youth, Mrs. Rosemary Mbabazi held a public lecture with UNILAK students with the aim to encourage them to play a role in the economic development agenda of the country.

She urged students to think big and work untirelessly. She instilled among them the culture of always adding one more time to whatever they are trying to achieve.

“Keep on trying, just adding one more time to whatever you are trying, that’s the secret towards success, start small and grow big as nothing is for granted in this world. Always remember that every generation has a mission so that you are here for a purpose,” said Minister Mbabazi.

During the public lecture, different testimonies were given showing that entrepreneurship is possible starting from little savings.

Tuyishimire Dyna, a student at UNILAK and owner of a small business producing liquid soap testified that everything start with the mindset.

“I started from scratch, but I had that tenacity that tomorrow reserves the best for my dreams. My efforts were for nothing, my business started growing from time to time and today I am a supplier of big companies and an employer of a dozens,” testified Ms. Dyna

The Honorable Minister of Youth concluded the lecture encouraging the youth to stand for honesty, integrity and development.

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