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Researchers meet in Kigali for ICEEED 2017

Researchers meet in Kigali for ICEEED 2017

Authorities in the areas of climate change and global warming, resource management, environmental management as well as waste management are meeting in Kigali this August to attend an International Conference on Environment, Energy and Development.

Abashakashatsi n’inzobere mu bijyanye n’ihindagurika ry’ikirere, kubungabunga ibidukikije, ndetse no gutunganya imyanda barahurira I Kigali kuri uyu wa kane mu nama mpuzamahanga ku bidukikije, ingufu n’iterambere.

Ni inama yateguwe n’ikigo cy’ubushakashatsi bukomatanyije ku mutungo kamere n’ibidukikije muri Afrika y’uburasirazuba cya UNILAK ku bufatanye na kaminuza yo mu bushinwa (Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of science)

The conference convened by University of Lay Adventists of Kigali in collaboration with the Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of science, is hosted by the Joint Research Center on Natural resources and Environment in East Africa (UNILAK-XIEG)

“The conference presents a new opportunity to develop of a new base of scientific knowledge that is specifically aimed at societal transformation for sustainability,” said Dr. Gabriel Habiyaremye, the conference secretary.

Iyi nama ni andi mahirwe yo gushyiraho  teza imbere

Will also attend the conference specialists in disaster management, clean energy development, urbanism and rural development.

“It is an interdisciplinary forum for social scientists, life scientists, engineers, policy makers, NGOs and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments and application in all areas of sustainable development especially on environment, Health, economic and social-cultural issues,” the conference concept note reads.

This year’s gathering follows other series of international conferences on environment, energy and development hosted by UNILAK in the last three years.

The fourth ICEED focuses on “responsible research in creating a unified foundation for the sustainable development”

According to organisers, ICEED 2017 is inspired by the critical challenges of human, environment and economic sustainability concerning the present and future generations in a global scale context.

Dozens of scheduled speakers are expected to share and identify practical evidence-based solutions that can support the sustainability agenda.

The gathering is anticipated to create an active network of researchers and stakeholders with interests and concerns for sustainability in a holistic perspective, with environment, cultural, economic and social concerns.

Around a hundred papers were submitted, but a few were selected and will be published in the conference proceedings. They are also eligible for free publications in the East African Journal of Science and Technology.


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