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The philosophy of the MBA Program at UNILAK is focused upon five basic beliefs which form the program’s educational direction.

Primarily, the program maintains a managerial emphasis. That is, the program aims at providing its students those lessons and applications that help them manage people and other resources to achieve the desired results. Also, this program has a decision making orientation. That is, in an environment of imperfect and incomplete information, students must be prepared to understand the risks and rewards of decision making and to be responsible for the consequences that follow. Furthermore, this program intends to cultivate creative problem solving. In other words, there is more emphasis to train managers who can develop the creative abilities among their employees too. A fourth feature of the UNILAK’s MBA philosophy is that it fosters a global perspective in today’s manager. As the world continues to become one global village coupled with world’s economies that is becoming increasingly linked, as such thinking globally is as much about opportunity as it is about competitive realities. Finally, and most importantly, this program is about management which behaves ethically. UNILAK believes that quality decision making requires that managers consider what is “good” and “right” for all stakeholders, from a well-thought-out set of values.

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