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Participants in ICEED 2017 focused on water conservation

Participants in ICEED 2017 focused on water conservation

Authorities in the areas of climate change and global warming, resource management, environmental management as well as waste management met in Kigali this August 31st, 2017 in an International Conference on Environment, Energy and Development.

Honorable Prof. Laurent NKUSI, who was the guest of honor in this conference, urged participants to exploit the joint research center in order to improve their research skills and to become more accountable to responsible research in creating a unified foundation for sustainable development

UNILAK rejoices for the steps made in research from the beginning of these researches in 2013.

“Quality researches have been conducted; new ways of doing things have been discovered as well as new skills and sustainability,” said Dr. Jean Ngamije, the vice chancellor of UNILAK.

Concerning the issue of water scarcity in different parts of the country especially in the cities, researchers proposed a new way of capturing the rain water and later using it in different activities.

Guan Kayiun, the deputy director in Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, and one of the participant in ICEED 2017, said that they are in Rwanda with the purpose of sharing experience concerning water conservation.

“China has experience of water scarcity as its big part is a desert, but different policies have been put in place like sensitizing people on how to save water, charging people on using water, introducing modern technology of irrigation, and also introducing economic crops which use small quantity of water.

He therefore recommends Rwandan researchers to sensitize people on introducing such crops which use small quantity of water like banana and others.

Dr. Omar Munyaneza, UR research and innovation coordinator and chairperson of WASAC Board of Directors said that this conference is of great importance for them as they use the recommendations from it to improve their service.

Concerning water conservation, he said that they are doing their best to sensitize the population to efficiently use the small quantity of available water.

“Even though many things are being done in water conservation, WASAC still have a challenge in few investors who are available in water sector. It is may be because returns in this sector are limited but we are still trying to attract them,” said Dr. Omar

He revealed that WASAC provide internship and guidance for young people and urged them to help in efficient water conservation.

The conference convened by University of Lay Adventists of Kigali in collaboration with the Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of science, is hosted by the Joint Research Center on Natural resources and Environment in East Africa (UNILAK-XIEG)

This year’s gathering follows other series of international conferences on environment, energy and development hosted by UNILAK in the last three years.

The fourth ICEED focuses on “responsible research in creating a unified foundation for the sustainable development”


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