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New Technology to track Students’ attendance

New Technology to track Students’ attendance

The University of Lay Adventist of Kigali has started printing students smart cards to all its students at all its three campuses. The new technology has started with this intake of September.

“These smart cards have always been our dream for our IT department. They are given as soon as the students get registered.  They will serve to track students’ attendance in classes, seminars and conferences;” said Dr Enan Nyesheja, the director of ICT department at UNILAK.

The resolution was adopted by the senior management meeting as an initiative to step up punctuality among learners.

“ Finger  print  machines will be  installed  at all examination rooms to help track those who have meet all requirements about tuition fees payment and those who haven’t meet all the requirements. They will replace the hard copy of payment tokens which was before checked at the entrance of the examination room,” added Dr. Enan.

During classes, the attendance will be checked by the lecturers through an app which must be downloaded on their smart phones.

The new system might sound costly or give department extra work to control such a large number of students but according to the management the school is “ready to do anything possible to improve the quality of education”

With the introduction of the system, the university will also be able to curb dummy admissions, know the exact number of students who are attending classes physically.

UNILAK has already installed the biometric machines to monitor staff attendance and according to the management it has increased proficiency of the work force as there have been instances when teachers or employees have tried to take authorities for a ride.

Following the implementation of the new system, the institution believes no student would be able to miss the school or come in late as “Departments would monitor the attendance and initiate action against the faulters.”                                                                      

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