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Welcome Message

Dr. Ngamije Jean, Vice Chancellor

Dr. Ngamije Jean, Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor’s welcome message

I cordially welcome you to the “University of Lay Adventists of Kigali” (UNILAK), one of Rwanda’s prominent, highly ranked and performing private higher learning institution.

UNILAK was established in 1997 through the undeterred efforts of the Federation of Adventist Parents’ Associations for the Development of Education in Rwanda (FAPADER) members that were beleaguered by the scarcity and limited opportunities of students that had accomplished their secondary education to further for tertiary education.  Since then UNILAK has risen from grass to grace and from strength to a stronger institutional firm which is founded on Seventh –Day Adventist beliefs, values and practices. The University has realized a tremendous development both in the numbers of its clientele and the diverse faculties of knowledge both undergraduate and postgraduate. The institution enrolls approximately 6500 students on its active campus of Kigali,and the boarding campuses of Nyanza in the Southern Province and Rwamagana in Eastern Province of Rwanda.

Our country Rwanda and its highly esteemed, vigorously performing governance, has rendered credit to the nation’s educationstatus, despite our tainted past and history of 1994 genocide against Tutsi and its aftermath through an economic, social and political trudge to the gleams of an enlightened future and a stable present that shine our way. UNILAK is proud to be result and part of the positive national development trend through having fed the Rwandan labor market with approximately 10,100 skilled graduates to support and boost the course. In doing so, UNILAK has held high the flag of the knowledge/education industry and promoting fundamental social and economic progress thus merging our mother nation in the present globalized economy.

We at UNILAK recognize the fact that, the quality of a country’s human capital is critical to its development, social cohesion and global competitiveness. Therefore, UNILAK presents an environment for teaching, research and entrepreneurship training in business studies, law, environmental studies, cooperatives management and computer science and technology for the industrial and socio-economic development of Rwanda and the whole of the African continent.

Founded on the pillars of Seventh day Adventist Fundamental Christ like Understanding, UNILAK cherishes the values of human redemption as stated by Ellen.G.White (Education pg.30) “In the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one, for in education, as in redemption, ‘other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ”, therefore it is in the same spirit that the institution holds high a form of education that improves the status of the students for a social economic and spiritual deliverance not based on a denomination but a faith in an existence of a divine GOD for the service of humanity today and the days ahead.

UNILAK is open to all people and positioned to attract scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs from Rwanda, the East African Community, Africa at large and, the international community. You are, therefore, warmly welcomed with the archetypal Rwandan hospitality as either a student, faculty member or a partner in academic business.

Vice Chancellor

Dr. Ngamije Jean

Administrative Team


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Dr. Jean Ngamije

Vice Chancellor

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Dr. Augustine RUTAMU

Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics and Research

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